Monday, December 20, 2010

Massholes Loot Toys for Tots Haul

What do you expect in Massachusetts? The entitlement mentality is so ingrained people figure they can just take what they want.

I blame Barney Frank, John Kerry and the welfare mentality for such heartlessness.
With hundreds of hard-luck kids looking at the prospect of a bleak Christmas, state police and local Marines are staging a go-for-broke effort to fill a heartbreaking joy gap.

The crisis was triggered when some shameless toy bandits showed just how low they could go, busting into a Burlington storage unit full of donated presents that were designated to make the holidays happy for as many as 800 families by the U.S. Marine Corps and state police Toys for Tots drive.

“I think any time you prey on somebody who’s needy, you can’t get much lower. When you’re taking from people who have nothing to begin with, that’s pretty bad,” said Marine veteran Art Enos, who Saturday morning discovered a locked storage container had been broken into in the dead of night, and up to $15,000 worth of brand-new toys donated by good-hearted souls to cheer up needy children in Middlesex and Essex counties had been picked through and pilfered.

The deadline for Toys for Tots donations was Friday. But staties and Marines determined to make up the cheer deficit will keep working.

“You can continue to drop off toys at any state police barracks,’’ said state police spokesman David Procopio. Checks made out to Toys for Tots can also be dropped off at the barracks.

“The Marines will adapt and overcome,” Enos said.
Of course they will. I'm sure Senator Kerry will dig deep into his pockets to help make it up to the kids.

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