Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Highbrow MSNBC Analyst: John Bolton is Such a Warmonger He'd Probably "Invade Uranus"

Is there a bigger meathead on MSNBC than Cenk Uygur? He's got a lot of competition for the honor, of course, but this clip gets his name in the discussion. Clearly, Uygur won some kind of 'next-person-off-the-D-train-becomes-an-MSNBC-host' lottery, because I can think of no other plausible explanation for his employment at the alleged news network.

Who does he think he is anyway, messing with the 'Stache? The 'Stache eats U.N. bureauweenies for lunch. He could devour a halfwit cable news mimbo like Uygur with both hands tied behind his back, blindfolded.

On the other hand, making a funny about 'Uranus' does seem almost sophisticated compared to Keith Olbermann's uninspired fart jokes. So at least it's a tiny step in the right direction.

They've now advanced to 3rd-grade humor at MSNBC!

Via Breitbart. Cross-posted.

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