Monday, December 27, 2010

'If You Saw the Girl You'd Have To Be Pretty Desperate'

Let's face it, some men have standards.
A woman jumped into a cab in Darwin, Australia, suggested to the driver that they have sex and when he declined, started kicking the car and then threw a bottle though the rear window, the Northern Territory News reported.

The NT News quoted the cabdriver, who asked to be identified only as Dean, as saying, "If you saw the girl you'd have to be pretty desperate.

"She was a very big fat ugly woman, she got in the car and stunk it out."

Dean, 41, who is engaged to be married, said the woman got in his car outside a tavern Sunday night and asked him “Do you want to have sex?”

When he said he wasn’t interested, she began swearing, slammed the passenger door and started kicking the cab. Then she picked up a bottle and smashed the rear passenger window.

Police arrested the woman a short time later.

"It would appear that she was a bit amorous at that time of the evening," Duty Superintendent Daniel Shean said.

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