Thursday, December 23, 2010

Assange: Nobody 'Has Ever Been Physically Harmed as a Result of What We Have Done'

Sniveling left-wing icon Julian Assange popped up on low-rated MSNBC yesterday and gave an Oscar-worthy portrayal of a victim. Poor thing. But one line really stuck out that's gone little noticed. You would think the slobbering media would at some point put this tool on the spot.
Mr Assange rejected US Vice President Joe Biden's description of him as a "high-tech terrorist" and condemned calls for his assassination.

"The definition of terrorism is a group that uses violence or the threat of violence for political ends," he said.

"Now, no one in our four-year publishing history, covering over 120 countries, has ever been physically harmed as a result of what we have done.

"Whoever the terrorists are here, it's not us," Mr Assange said.
How does he explain his own past statements?
When I try to question him about the morality of what he's done, if he worries about unleashing something that he can't control, that no one can control, he tells me the story of the Kenyan 2007 elections when a WikiLeak document "swung the election".

The leak exposed massive corruption by Daniel Arap Moi, and the Kenyan people sat up and took notice. In the ensuing elections, in which corruption became a major issue, violence swept the country. "1,300 people were eventually killed, and 350,000 were displaced. That was a result of our leak," says Assange. It's a chilling statistic, but then he states: "On the other hand, the Kenyan people had a right to that information and 40,000 children a year die of malaria in Kenya. And many more die of money being pulled out of Kenya, and as a result of the Kenyan shilling being debased."
He's got blood on his hands, yet he's the victim.

This asshole is quickly approaching the 15-minute mark. A shame so many media outlets continue to fawn over the degenerate.

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