Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Maybe The New York Times has Forgotten, but New York Can Still Be a Dangerous Town for Children of Wealthy People'

Maybe if Pinch Sulzberger and Bill Keller had photos of their children printed in another newspaper they'd realize the damage they've done? But do they care? Ha! These people revel in exposing national security secrets, so why would they give a rat's ass about endangering some kid?
The Grey Lady's got him seeing red.

A media exec is seething over the nightmare created when his TV-reporter ex-wife and her new "soul mate" aired the former couple's dirty laundry in the wedding pages of The New York Times.

Bob Ennis -- whose ex-wife, former WNBC/Channel 4 reporter Carol Anne Riddell, gushed to the Times about how she longed for her new husband while she was still married -- slammed the write-up as a "choreographed, self-serving piece of revisionist history" that will hurt both couples' children.

"You could easily try to brush this off as . . . a self-serving act by a couple of narcissistic people," Ennis fumed to a Forbes reporter "except for the fact that there are lots of children involved."

"These kids watch TV, they read newspapers a little bit and certainly they surf the Internet," Ennis said.

Ennis, who was married to Riddell for 13 years, was even more incensed about a picture of their 7-year-old daughter appearing along with Sunday's story.

"Maybe The New York Times has forgotten, but New York can still be a dangerous town for children of wealthy people," he said.

While Times wedding stories are usually read and forgotten by the end of brunch, the piece about how Riddell met her new husband, John Partilla, in 2006 at their children's Upper West Side pre-school shocked readers.

"Why does the Times glorify home-wrecking?" one commenter wrote on the paper's Web site.

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