Monday, December 20, 2010

Dumbest Column Ever: Sarah Palin is Like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton or Something

I've read Stanley Crouch for years and often found him making a lot of sense. But this latest effort of his for the New York Daily News is so incoherent I'm figuring he's also been afflicted with a raging case of Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Say what you want about Palin, but equating the dimwit Kim Kardashian and that pig Paris Hilton with her simply makes no sense. He's also rather ghoulish when discussing Mark Madoff and his suicide.
In our time, we do not so much get a blast from the past as we are prodded into reflection by something we cannot ignore. High-profile events take place, blasting us back to a time less clouded with constant lies and distortions than our own.

Though I have disdain for suicide, I was impressed by Mark Madoff, son of Bernie, for hanging himself because it was too painful to carry that name around. He was obviously deeply affected by all those who had suffered at the hands of his father, the high-stakes hustler who bilked many of their nest eggs and hard-earned savings.
Impressed by someone hanging himself? Huh? What, for style points? For using a dog leash? For doing it in the apartment where his two-year-old was sleeping? How can someone be impressed by a suicide?

It's gets weirder.
In a more civilized age, Paris Hilton would've remained sequestered while doing charity work in order to redeem herself and be forgiven for drunkenly performing sex acts on tape, along with other lewd behavior.

But forgiveness moves in the express lane now. No penance was required, and Hilton never felt the deep shame Madoff experienced.

In fact, Hilton inspired childhood friend Kim Kardashian to make her own sex tape. It led to a reality show, and now Kardashian is more popular than Hilton. And just as shameless. That's how our culture works.

Fame next found the perky Sarah Palin, one of whose great gifts is the unwillingness to ever admit a significant mistake. She has a reality show, too.
Sooo, because Palin has a reality show that makes her the equal of two bimbos who also had reality shows? Has Palin made a sex tape? Has Palin been arrested repeatedly?

Amazingly, it's gets even stranger.
Palin's outlook is no different from that of Enron executives who pretended nothing was wrong until their financial house of cards came crashing down.

That investigation into Enron's hanky-panky was followed by the suicide of Cliff Baxter, who had a high position in the company's command chain. Baxter was troubled in the way that Madoff's son was. Unlike the Paris Hiltons of this world, he could feel shame - and did.
What on earth does Palin have to do with Enron? This makes absolutely no sense.

I understand the NYDN is obsessed with dragging down Palin, as they trash her on a regular basis, but none of this makes any sense and makes Crouch look like a blithering idiot. I expect better from people like Crouch, but apparently sufferers of PDS just can't help themselves.

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