Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Arrogance On Display

Just three weeks as le gran poobah and he's already in somebody's sights.
EU referendum drive targets Gordon Brown

A cross-party campaign to be launched in September will personally target Gordon Brown for refusing voters a referendum on the new European Union treaty.

As the party conference season gets under way, the "I Want A Referendum" campaign will be launched with an "eye-catching stunt" and advertising in newspapers and cinemas.

A Daily Telegraph campaign for a referendum on the treaty had attracted 12,500 signatures by yesterday, reflecting growing demand for the voters, not Parliament, to be given the final say. The treaty revives elements of the EU constitution, rejected by France and the Netherlands in 2005.

The petition, launched online and in a coupon in this newspaper a week ago, demands that the Government stands by its manifesto commitment to hold a national referendum on the EU reform treaty.

In the Commons yesterday, Mr Brown again rejected calls for a referendum on the amending treaty, due to be agreed by EU leaders at the end of the year. He told Ian Davidson, Labour MP for Glasgow South West and a leading Eurosceptic: "There is no need for a referendum on any issue at the moment."
Heh. Brown just might find out that a majority in Commons may decide that there's no need for the current prime minister, too.

No confidence vote in 5 --- 4 --- 3 --- 2....

There's more.

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