Monday, July 30, 2007

Hanging With Hitler

The Kos Kidz should love this one. An inside look at their hero, as told by his former bodyguard.

The Secrets of Hitler's Last Living Aide
Nowadays, Misch lives in an apartment in Berlin. This part of the city is more like a village, the neighbors know each other and say hello. It's a quiet part of the world - except for Misch's apartment. He complains that his phone won't stop ringing, and the letters are piling up on his table once again. He even gets letters from Japan, Spain and the US. Some contain cash and requests for his autograph. Recently he had to order another set of photos of himself. He signs them and sends them on. The photos show Misch in his uniform, in front of two bunkers, 65 years ago. The war won't leave Misch in peace.
Poor thing, hounded by adoring fans. He wants peace and quiet. Can't you leave the poor Nazi alone in his twilight years?

So what does he decide to do to get some peace?

Write a book!
Misch has now written a book about his experiences during the Nazi era. It has already been published in South America, Japan, Spain, Poland and Turkey. It is due to be published in Germany this Autumn. It's called: "I was Hitler's Bodyguard."
The media will probably fall over themselves trying to get an interview.


Joseph Goebbels was unavailable for comment.

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