Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Repeating the Obvious

It appears Iran is going at full speed to get nukes, and most people just don't seem to care.

It's climate change, stupid!

The mind boggles at the naivete.

'Time running out for Iran strike'
"For significant sanctions to be effective the world needs to at the same time threaten the use of military force," he said. "Iran needs to be made to understand that if the sanctions won't work, the world is prepared to use military force to stop the nuclear program."

He said Iran was preparing for the possibility of war, but that deep down the Islamic leadership did not believe that either the United States or Israel were in a position of strength that would enable them to launch such a complicated military operation. Iran, he said, was purchasing Russian air defense systems and was fortifying its nuclear facilities and moving key elements to underground bunkers in preparation for the possibility that its assessments were wrong and it would in the end be attacked.

"The Iranians are working around the clock on improving military capabilities and they are also moving centrifuges to underground facilities," he said.

Kuperwasser said that a real threat of military action - backed up by credible threats by world leaders as well as the deployment of a large military force to the region - could have the right effect in deterring Iranian leaders from continuing with their nuclear program.

A credible military threat combined with economic leverage had a chance at preventing the need for a future clash with a nuclear Iran and perhaps could also make it unnecessary to deal today with an Iran that is close to nuclearization, he said.
Obviously, the Democrats, due to the Islamic-Leftist convergence, have no use for taking on Iran, which may well leave it up to Israel to act unilaterally. I have to believe President Bush, despite low poll numbers, will use common sense and order strikes on these facilities. His legacy may already be tarnished enough, but he cannot leave office with a nuclear Iran threatening the rest of the civilized world.

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