Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Run With the Bulls, Lose Your Kid

Meet one of the dumbest men on the planet.

Run With the Bulls, Lose Access to the Kid
A man who took his 10-year-old son running with the bulls in Pamplona has lost visitation rights with the boy, after his ex-wife complained to the police.

The bull run in Pamplona has been a rite of passage for centuries: Long before Hemingway discovered it, men in this northern Spanish town have set full-horned bulls loose in the medieval streets and gone sprinting ahead of them like frightened puppies. But now a judge in Spain has sided with the ex-wife of a man who took his 10-year-old son bull running in Pamplona last week, and rescinded his visitation rights.

The boy's mother complained to police after she saw a photo in the newspaper of her ex-husband, Luis Miguel Gomez, leading their son by the arm a few steps ahead of the bulls, according to Spanish radio reports.

A judge in the town of Fuenlabrada, south of Madrid, ordered police to find the man and return the boy to his mother. And since the region of Navarra, which includes Pamplona, requires bull runners to be at least 18, officials hit Gomez with a €150 fine ($210).

A member of the mother's family said they didn't want the boy to lose touch with his father, but said Gomez had to be taught a lesson. "We want him to get a warning, so that he realizes that his main duty is to look after the boy's well-being," the relative said.

Gomez is defiant, though. He's told Spanish media that he would let the boy run the bulls again.
What an idiot.

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