Saturday, July 21, 2007

Slick Feeling Guilty Over Rwanda

Well, a bit guilty, at least. This boob still claims he actually did some things to help Africa, and this fawning report does nothing to point out any actual accomplishments.

All this does is remind me of the eight years of bumbling incompetence of the Clinton Administration, and the slavish media slobbering that came with it. Lord knows how bad it may get should The Pantsuit find her way into the White House.

Bill Clinton: U.S. Must Not Ignore Africa: Former President Bill Clinton Reflects on Iraq, Africa and 'Living With' a Mistake in Rwanda
Former President Bill Clinton said the United States is making a mistake in ignoring Africa.
First of all, no president has dumped more money into Africa than George W. Bush. Despite that, he gets no credit, accolades or tributes from the left. Nothing. He could cure AIDS and the lefties will still hate him. From from the outset, Clinton is full of it.
"We have become so focused on Iraq ... almost no one is noticing that while all this is going on, not only is al Qaeda making a comeback ... but China is romancing all of Africa," he told reporters on a plane ride between the southern African nations of Malawi and Zambia.
Well, al Qaeda grew strong on your watch and your administration gave China military secrets in return for campaign contributions. Does the word Loral ring any bells? Has this "reporter" ever looked into any of that?

On his arrival, thousands of people crushed together on the side of the dirt roads, straining to catch a glimpse of the former president turned philanthropist. Many of the people he met on this day had walked for miles from the surrounding countryside.
Philanthropist? Sure, with other people's money, as usual.

Please, show me a single receipt for a single dollar this lowlife has donated to charity, and I'm not talking about tax writeoffs for his underwear.
Clinton said he was dead tired but proceeded to talk for the entire hour and a half flight to Zambia about his passions -- fighting the AIDS epidemic, encouraging development, and pondering difficult questions.

Speaking about the farmers posed a couple if those questions: "How come they're poor and I'm rich?" "Why is inequality so profound and growing?" A partial answer came when he talked about growing up in America.
You're rich because you cashed in on the presidency. It's that simple. Don't pull some lame guilt trip about inequality. Life isn't always fair.
Holding court in a beige swivel chair and munching on cheese, chicken skewers and pizza, Clinton said he was surprised by the welcome he received in Neno.
Why must we always hear what this jerk is eating? What, was there no Chilean sea bass available?
Yes, he said, he did a lot for Africa when he was president. And he is doing even more now. (And by the way, he said, he will not stop this work should his wife become president).
Please, name one thing you did for Africa.

But there is one failure that Clinton says weighs on him "all the time" -- the genocide in Rwanda.

The former president said his administration could have saved one-third of the lives lost in Rwanda if it had taken action sooner.

"We never even had a meeting," he said.
You never had a meeting because you simply didn't care. No amount of lip-biting piety can erase that, no amount of revisionist history can erase that, and no amount of sycophantic "reporting" can erase that.

You and your party are willing to let the Iraqis be slaughtered, another genocide that may well occur on the watch of a Clinton, and you simply don't care.

It's all about how much cash you can grab and how much food you can shove in your piehole.

It's all about you.

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