Monday, July 30, 2007

WaPo Slobbers Over Elizabeth Edwards

Washington Post "reporter" Dan Balz should be embarrassed to call himself a journalist after penning this shamelessly fawning puffpiece on moonbat Elizabeth Edwards. So nauseatingly syrupy and sappy, this public tongue-bath sets new lows for sycophancy which will be hardpressed to be matched in the 2008, or any other, campaign.

A True Political Partner

Naturally, there's no mention the woman is a far-left kook, and Balz accepts the fact the absurd encounter with Ann Coulter, clearly an orchestrated stunt, was spontaneous.
Last month, she phoned in to MSNBC's "Hardball" to confront conservative firebrand Ann Coulter. A few weeks later, during an interview with, she criticized the two leading Democratic candidates, Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) and Barack Obama (Ill.), saying her husband would be a better advocate for women than Clinton and arguing that neither Clinton nor Obama had offered a compelling rationale for their candidacies.

Edwards said she is uncomfortable with all the attention those incidents received. "None of this was purposeful," she said. "Absolutely none. Zero."
Sure, and I have some oceanfront property in North Dakota for sale.

Odd how a piece of such length doesn't take any time whatsoever to mention any possible connection to the hiring of the insane nutroots bloggers a few months back, either, nor does the following strain any credulity with Balz.
She is a shopper. She likes to run by Target on Tuesdays, when the newest DVDs are released. On the campaign trail, she makes time for shopping detours, as she did last month in Iowa, unexpectedly getting out of the van and leaving her husband to go on alone to speak to a labor group.

"She jumped out in the middle of an intersection," John Edwards explained in mock horror shortly after it happened.

"At the corner," she replied.

"Sweetie, but there were no crosswalks or anything," he said. "There were cars everywhere."

"I just waited until there were no cars, and I walked with the light," she said firmly.

All for a pair of socks for Father's Day.

Somehow I doubt we'll be seeing such fawning over any of the wives of the GOP candidates.

Read the rest if you really feel like vomiting.

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