Monday, July 30, 2007

Spawn of Goracle Cops Guilty Plea

Man, it must be great to be a spoiled child of privilege.

Any one of us who were careening down I-5 in a mobile pharmacy, stoned out of our mind at 2 am, would probably be looking at serious jail time.

But I guess when you're the offspring of the mysteriously quiet Algore, you can do as you please and get a cushy spot in a celebrity rehab joint in Malibu.

Al Gore III sentenced to drug program this morning
LAGUNA NIGUEL – Albert Gore III, the son of former Vice President Al Gore Jr., pleaded guilty in Orange County Superior Court this morning to unlawful possession of prescription drugs and marijuana, and was allowed to enter a drug diversion program.

If Gore successfully completes a 90-day residential drug program in Malibu his convictions will be stricken from his record.

Defense attorney Al Stokke said Gore, 24, received no more or no less than anybody else charged with similar crimes.
Bulls**t. If you had several priors, then were caught with no less than five different kinds of drugs while doing 100 mph in a Prius, you'd be facing time, even if it's a meager few weeks, Paris Hilton-style.

This punk no doubt was forced by his family to get this out of the way, not that the media wasn't complying by dropping this story from the radar as quickly as possible.

Being a Democrat always has its privileges. A 90-day stretch in Malibu, and then this offense vanishes from history.

Hat tip: Radical Ron.

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