Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Four Religious Men Sentenced to Life in Prison

What's the world coming to when four deeply religious men are imprisoned for life for carrying out their deeply held beliefs? Well, when it's the Religion of Peace and you're bent on murder, mayhem and destruction, thankfully there is still a price to pay.

Four 21/7 bomb plotters get life
Four men convicted of the 21 July bomb plot have been imprisoned for life, with a minimum tariff of 40 years each.

Muktar Ibrahim, 29, Yassin Omar, 26, Ramzi Mohammed, 25, and Hussain Osman, 28, were found guilty on Monday.

Their plot to detonate explosives on three Tube trains and a bus in 2005 was a "viable...attempt at mass murder," said judge Mr Justice Fulford QC.

Two other men - Manfo Kwaku Asiedu and Adel Yahya - face a retrial after the first jury failed to reach a verdict.

Mr Justice Fulford QC said the failed attacks were clearly connected with the bombings that killed 52 people in London two weeks earlier.

"What happened on July 7 in 2005 is of considerable relevance to this sentencing.

"I have no doubt that they were both part of an al-Qaeda-inspired and controlled sequence of attacks," he said during sentencing at Woolwich Crown Court. He added they had designed the plot for "maximum impact" and had carried it out "with their eyes wide open".
Quite frankly, they should all be executed.

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