Thursday, July 12, 2007

Silky Pony Campaign HQ Evacuated

At the risk of sounding like some nutjob conspiracy theorist, I honestly wouldn't put it past The Breck Girl and his minions to stage such an event, as desperate for attention as they are. The left reflexively questions the timing every time terrorists are arrested, so let's play their game for a change.
A suspicious package addressed to Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards forced the evacuation of his campaign headquarters Thursday, the third time authorities have responded to letters addressed to the office.

Capt. Bob Overton of the Chapel Hill Police Department said he did not know the contents of the package, but he said authorities have deemed it suspicious.

"We are investigating the package at this time," Overton said.

Edwards officials said the package arrived at campaign headquarters Thursday morning.
It's probably a case of hairspray from one of his fans.

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