Saturday, July 14, 2007

Prince of Propaganda

Nailing down 500 pounds of blubber is a difficult task, but Rich Lowry manages to do the job.
MICHAEL Moore set out to make a movie attacking the American insurance industry and ended up attacking the American character. By the end of his movie "SiCKO," his plaint is less about American resistance to government-run health care than its overarching rejection of collectivism. As Moore puts it, everywhere else it's "a world of we," but here a "world of me."

His voice thus joins a vast, age-old chorus of left-wing bafflement and disillusion at American exceptionalism - our national traits that have prevented the development of a statist politics along continental European lines.

Moore's explanation for this phenomenon is typically twisted: Americans are saddled with debt from college loans and health care, and that keeps us from demanding French-style pampering from our government for fear of foreclosure by The Man.
The day will soon arrive when the porcine propagandist suffers a crushing heart attack due to his obesity. One wonders where his fat ass will go for treatment.

If he doesn't drop dead on the spot, that is.

One can only hope.

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