Thursday, July 12, 2007

Third Suspect in NYPD Shooting Nabbed in Pennsylvania

A shame he was captured alive. An even bigger shame is these scumbags will never be executed.
The third man sought in the shooting of two New York City police officers was arrested shortly before 8 o'clock this morning, Eastern time, along the side of a highway near Pocono Township, Pa.

The man, Robert Ellis, 34, was captured near the intersection of Interstate 80 and Interstate 380 following a brief pursuit by a team of officers from the Pennsylvania State Police, the United States Marshals Service and the New York City police.

Mr. Ellis, whom the police said was unarmed and was not injured, was taken to the Pennsylvania State Police barracks in Swiftwater, Pa. Before he was found, the police had considered him armed and dangerous.

The arrest, announced by Capt. James Murtin of the Pennsylvania State Police at a press conference this morning, took place near milepost 292 on Interstate 80, west of Stroudsburg, Pa. and about a half-mile from where another man sought in the shooting, Dexter Bostic, 34, was captured Wednesday evening.

The police said they saw Mr. Ellis fleeing into the woods at the time of Mr. Bostic's arrest, and that search teams and dogs were converging on the same wooded area this morning when Mr. Ellis was apprehended.

"It appears that he hunkered down for the night, with no attempt to escape," Captain Murtin said. "From what we can see, he didn't travel much at all." Mr. Ellis had various personal items and some food with him when he was taken into custody, Captain Murtin said, but no weapons.

The New York City police say they believe Mr. Bostic and Mr. Ellis fired the shots that gravely wounded Officer Russel Timoshenko and inflicted less serious injury on his partner, Officer Herman Yan, during a traffic stop in Brooklyn early Monday.

The first suspect, Lee Woods, 29, was arrested Monday in Far Rockaway, Queens, and was arraigned in criminal court in Brooklyn on Wednesday

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