Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Letter From Berlin

Somebody gets it and guess who wets their panties?
Is Germany Ready For Targeted Killings?

For years, Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has been trying to jack up German domestic security in the face of a growing terror threat to the country. These days, the rest of the country seem to be listening.
Except for you know who.

The fight against international terrorism cannot be mastered by the classic methods of the police, in any case," Schäuble, from Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union party, said in the interview. "If for example potential terrorists, so-called 'endangerers,' cannot be extradited -- what do we do with them? One could, for example, create a law making conspiracy a criminal offense, as the United States has done. But the other question is: Can one treat such (potential terrorists) like combatants and detain them?"

'On the Wrong Track'

Reaction was swift. On Monday, Social Democratic Party (SPD) floor leader Peter Struck blasted Schäuble's suggestion that Germany's constitution might be changed to allow security personnel a freer hand in combating terror. Struck took particular issue with Schäuble's continued urging, voiced yet again in the interview, to free up the German military for domestic security deployments.
Ja, Herr Struck und we know who you'll come whining to when the day comes. [Hint: It ain't France.]

This is a must read

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