Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Murtha sticks fingers in ears and pretends to not listen

"I dismiss it at as rhetoric," said US Representative John Murtha, a former marine, congressional heavyweight on military matters, and outspoken Iraq War critic.

"I don't know where they were staying. I don't know what they saw. But I know this: that it's not getting better," Murtha said on CNN television.

"It's over-optimist. It's an illusion," the Pennsylvania lawmaker continued.

Now who is the good Congress critter talking about you ask? Why these guys.

A top Democratic lawmaker Tuesday dismissed the findings of two longtime Iraq war critics, who cited a dramatic improvement in the situation there following the infusion of thousands of additional US troops

Independent Brookings Institution analysts Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack, who often have criticized US Iraq policy, on Monday said they noted a marked improvement on their last visit earlier this month to the war-torn country.

And to answer the congressman's question in regards to where they were staying, apparentely it wasn't at the al Rasshed or inside the Green Zone.

Pollack and O'Hanlon returned from eight days of meetings with US generals, diplomats and Iraqis saying they were more hopeful than they had expected.

But don't worry regardless of the news coming out of Iraq the Dems have become a one trick pony on this issue. All they want to do is get the troops out and to hell with anything else. They are not concerned about possible genocide, invasion from surrounding countries, or empowering al Queda. This has become the liberals own obsessive compulsive behavior now. They are so fixated on this truly bumpersticker slogan that they are blinded to all of the other realities that exist in the world.
I hope and I pray that Americans will see these liberals and Dems exactly for what they are and will not back a loser when it is time to cast their vote.

Oh yeah Obama, you know those people you have no problem sitting down and talking to in Iran? You might have trouble finding a journalist to report on it.

Two Journalists Sentenced to Death in Iran

TEHRAN, Iran — The Iranian judiciary confirmed that two journalist from the country's Kurdish minority have been sentenced to death, a rare verdict against media people here, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported on Tuesday.

"Adnan Hassanpour and Hiva Boutimar have been sentenced to execution on the charge of Moharebeh," the agency quoted Ali Reza Jamshidi, spokesman of judiciary, as saying. Moharebeh, which literally means "fighting" in classical Arabic, is used in Iran's Sharia law to describe a major crime against the religion and the Islamic state.

The official new agency did not specify what crime the two Kurdish journalists were precisely accused of.

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