Saturday, July 14, 2007

Senate Supports Bush

Nancy Pelousi and Fat Jack Murtha must be beside themselves trying to figure out how to blame Bush for this one.
U.S. Senate Assumes Missile Defensive

The U.S. Senate declared it a national policy of the United States to create a missile defense system in Europe. Now, regardless of who wins the election in 2008, the system will be built. A delegation of heavyweight U.S. politicians, headed by Henry Kissinger, visited Moscow on Friday, so as to assure the Russian president that the missile defense system is inevitable. Apparently, Washington also believes that Vladimir Putin will control the situation in Russia no matter who wins the election in 2008.

“The Senate today acknowledged that we must build missile defense systems that ensure we are able to protect our country and our allies,” said Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) on Thursday night, after the U.S. Senate had adopted his amendment to the defense authorization bill for 2008.

According to the new law, creating a missile defense system will now be an official national policy of the United States. Moreover, the law officially proclaims the defense system will be created for counteracting the Iranian threat. This way, the Senate confirmed by law the U.S. administration’s statements that deploying a radar in the Czech Republic and 10 interceptor missiles in Poland is aimed against Tehran only, and not against other countries.

Declaring missile defense deployment to be U.S. state policy was almost unanimous: 90 senators out of 100 present spoke in favor of the amendment (just 5 senators were against, and 5 more abstained). So, the U.S. political forces finally determined their attitude to the missile defense system: both the Democrats and the Republicans support this project.

New York Senator Hillary Clinton, one of the chief favorites of the presidential race among the Democrats, voted for the amendment as well. It means the missile defense system will be built anyway, no matter who wins the presidential election in November 2008.
There she goes again, pissing off the Progressive moonbat base of the party
The Russian authorities could be consoled only by the fact that Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) did not support the amendment. Obama is another favorite of the presidential race, quite capable of competing with Clinton for the Democratic nomination. However, even if Obama wins the 2008 election, his personal opinion will hardly be able to change the White House’s policy on missile defense, considering the present consensus in the U.S. political elite.

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