Friday, July 13, 2007

Old Europe Put On Notice?

Vaclav Klaus and Lech Kaczynski focused on Czech-Polish economic and cultural relations . . . .
Klaus calls for joint efforts of Czechs, Poles in EU

Czech President Vaclav Klaus
Wednesday pointed to the importance of cooperation of the EU member states on the regional level and of their joint efforts in the EU.

Klaus, on an official visit to Poland, said at a meeting with Polish Senate Marshal Bogdan Boruszewicz that the result of the June EU summit did not fill him with optimism, the Polish news agency PAP reported.

At the summit Poland came up with the proposal to extend the validity of the current EU voting system until 2020 after which a new system envisaged in a draft European treaty would take effect.

Poland demands more voting power in the EU, pointing to the size of its population. Poland believes that the new voting system envisaged in the EU's new draft treaty will give large countries such as Germany too much influence.
Wanna see Old Europe really fill their panties? Suggest Demand one nation, one vote.
Of the EU's 27 member states, the Czech Republic alone has offered Poland support in its bid to reopen a debate on the voting system.

The summit in the end did not comply with Warsaw's demand but it agreed to postpone the new voting system's introduction until 2017.

Boruszewicz praised an important role of the regional cooperation within the Visegrad Four that includes, apart from Poland and the Czech Republic, also Slovakia and Hungary.

Klaus said that the more was achieved within the group the better but pointed to disputes that exist in the group.

Boruszewicz said he was satisfied with the Polish-Czech consultations on the U.S. plan to station a missile defence base on their territory.

Klaus said that the Czech Republic's approach to the U.S. proposal shows the importance it attaches to trans-Atlantic relations.

To stand on two feet - in the USA and the EU - is especially important for the countries with such geographical position as Poland and the Czech Republic, Boruszewicz said, adding that it would be appropriate to think about the strengthening of the east European policy.

It is reasonable to consider cooperation between the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia, Klaus said.
Hmmm. All countries which have recently told Soviet Russian president Vladimir Paranoid and his lackeys to STFU.
Klaus will end his three-day visit to Poland on Thursday. The main topics of his discussion with Polish President Lech Kaczynski are Czech-Polish economic and cultural relations, the EU and the planned stationing of the U.S. missile defence base in the Czech Republic and Poland.
This story is from the Czech News Agency (CTK)
That stench emanates from Old Europe's panties. Host elements of the US missile defense system?!? Why . . . why . . . that might make Putie mad at us!

Old Europe, your loyal apparatchik kameraden José Manuel Barrosa has said that the European Union is now an empire.

I agree. Empire of the Tax Consuming Toothless Tiger.

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