Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Islamic Jihad Claims They Will Stop Israel Suicide Attacks

The come promising peace, we're assured. Sure, we've heard this before, but why should we not believe such a peace-loving group like these nice-looking folks?

Islamic Jihad says will halt suicide bombings in Israel
The Islamic Jihad may stop initiating suicide bombings inside Israel, according to Walid Abeidi, commander of the group's military wing, the al-Quds Brigades.
Wait. The headline says the will, not may. A slight nuance, I guess.
Abeidi, also known as Abu al-Qassam, said that "the organization is considering halting the suicide bombings in order to help bring both sides, the Israelis and the Palestinians, to a mutual calm and ceasefire."

According to Abeidi, the Islamic Jihad has no intention of thwarting the efforts to reach a truce between Israel and the Palestinians, as the calm will bring about an ease of restrictions on the Palestinian population, will relieve the residents' suffering and will resume the financial aid, which will also be used to pay the salaries of hundreds of government workers.
In other words, they need some cash, so we'll promise anything now, regroup, and come at you later.

Be assured of that.
The al-Quds commander added that he hoped Israel would stop pursuing Palestinians and hurt innocent people.

"This is not said from a point of weakness, but from deep concern to the Palestinian situation and interest. The Islamic Jihad will decide on its stance in accordance with the developments, and any stance it decides on will be in favor of the Palestinian people."
Sure, stop pursuing our bad guys and we promise peace and harmony.
"We want a mutual and dignified truce which will guarantee the Palestinians an honorable life," he explained.
How about recognizing Israel, and allowing them an honorable life? Of course that will never happen.
"Israeli violations will be met with harsh responses by the organization's fighters and the Palestinian resistance. This is our decision and it proves that all the talks in Israel on an external Iranian influence are nonsense," Abeidi said.

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