Saturday, July 21, 2007

Special Message for Bush from Kos Krazies

As if any potential future sponsors need another reason to steer clear of the cesspool that is Daily Kos, this should seal the deal.

Bush Takes it Up the A** (Not First Time Tho)
Oh, c'mon! Tell me you don't relish saying that?

The man was due! From the moment of George Bush's miserable existence, the man has been giving it to people. From the rugby player he sucker-punched from behind while in college to the 1000s of Katrina devasted Americans he drowned to our troops whose lives he destroyed (emotionally, family, mentally, financially, and literally), the man has screwed so many billions (literally) of people over that it actually feels to celebrate him taking it in butt for once.

Even if it is only for a routine colonoscopy.

Hell, this made it worth letting Dick Cheney President for a day.
Isn't that special?

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