Thursday, July 12, 2007

They Don't CAIR About Muslim Terrorists

Joel Mowbray exposes the terrorist lovers at CAIR.
Never in its history has CAIR specifically condemned Hamas or Hezbollah by name.

To its credit, the group did denounce the Netanya Passover Massacre in 2002, though it avoided criticizing Hamas, which perpetrated the attack. Bizarrely, CAIR couldn't bring itself to acknowledge that the innocent victims were murdered in Israel — perhaps because CAIR hews to the Hamas party line refusing to recognize the Jewish state — noting instead that the bombing happened in "the Middle East."

In December, CAIR Executive Director and co-founder Nihad Awad refused in an interview with Newsweek to condemn Hamas, claiming that the question was "the game of the pro-Israel lobby." Of course, Mr. Awad knows that whether or not one backs Hamas is not a "game," as he willingly declared at a speech in 1994: "I'm in support of the Hamas movement." (Transcript provided by the Investigative Project.)
At what point will this group be outlawed? Do we have the testosterone to tell it like it is?

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