Saturday, December 29, 2007

Caveman Speaks!

The tape allegedly from Osama bin Laden that we noted the other day has been released.

The usual: blood, death, destruction, blah blah blah.

Bin Laden issues warning on Iraq, Israel
CAIRO, Egypt - Osama bin Laden warned Iraq's Sunni Arabs against fighting al-Qaida and promised to expand the terror group's holy war to Israel in a new audiotape Saturday, threatening "blood for blood, destruction for destruction."

Most of the 56-minute tape dealt with Iraq, apparently al-Qaida's latest attempt to keep supporters in Iraq unified at a time when the U.S. military claims to have al-Qaida's Iraq branch on the run.

The tape did not mention Pakistan or the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, though Pakistan's government has blamed al-Qaida and the Taliban for her death on Thursday.

But bin Laden's comments offered an unusually direct attack on Israel, which has warned of growing al-Qaida activity in Palestinian territory. The terror network is not believed to have taken a strong role there so far.

"We intend to liberate Palestine, the whole of Palestine from the (Jordan) river to the sea," he said, threatening "blood for blood, destruction for destruction."

"We will not recognize even one inch for Jews in the land of Palestine as other Muslim leaders have," bin Laden said.
Hmm. Maybe that potassium nitrate had some nefarious purposes?
In the audiotape, bin Laden denounced Abdul-Sattar Abu Risha, the former leader of the Anbar Awakening Council, who was killed in a September bombing claimed by al-Qaida.

"The most evil of the traitors are those who trade away their religion for the sake of their mortal life," bin Laden said.

Bin Laden said U.S. and Iraqi officials are seeking to set up a "national unity government" joining the country's Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds.

"Our duty is to foil these dangerous schemes, which try to prevent the establishment of an Islamic state in Iraq, which would be a wall of resistance against American schemes to divide Iraq," he said.
Too late, pal. Your boys are getting their asses kicked.

No word on who he's rooting for in the Democrat primaries.

UPDATE: In this version, they stress his leftwing talking points.
Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden said the United States wants to create a national unity government in Iraq to control oil supplies, build military bases and dominate the region.
UPDATE II: Naturally, the inmates at the HuffPost question the timing.
Give Peace A Chance

Strange how these tapes coincide with such things as military funding, Gen Patraeus's testimony, and elections.
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LittleGreenGreaseBalls (See profile | I'm a fan of LittleGreenGreaseBalls)
C'mon people! We all know it's really Dick Cheney behind that green curtain just trying to keep the pot boiling.
Reply | posted 04:38 pm on 12/29/2007

SaddamHeroBushBastard (See profile | I'm a fan of SaddamHeroBushBastard)
Osama bin Laden is Kaiser Sose in ' The Usual Suspects'..

Its amazing how many people spew his name and Al-Qaeda as though they actually exist.

Its amazing how many people still swallow that loony 19 Arab hijacker conspiracy story.

They been drinking the Kool-Aid and wearing those Tin Foil hats WAY too tight.
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