Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ron Paul Top Story at Tehran Times

The Iranians know a useful idiot when they see one.
Maverick Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul says the leaders of Israel are impelling the White House to wage war on Iran.

""The government of Israel encourages Americans to go into Iran,"" Paul said Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press.

The 10-term Texas lawmaker added that neoconservatives have also been pushing the administration into ‘bombing Iran’.

When asked what he would do as the U.S. president ‘if Iran invaded Israel’, Paul said the illusion of the Islamic Republic’s attack on Israel is like saying, ""Iran is about to invade Mars.""

The 72-year-old politician made the remarks as Israeli officials are stepping up their war rhetoric against Tehran, over its nuclear program despite the recent reports confirming the peaceful nature of the country’s activities.
Meanwhile, some high comedy from Press TV.
Denmark-based Saxo Bank predicts Ron Paul presidency in 2008, saying US economy will plunge into a depression prior to the election.

The Bank predicted that Ron Paul, US congressman and Republican presidential candidate, will win the US 2008 presidential election.

Saxo Bank says the US economy will shrink by 25% and the Chinese economy will decrease by 40%. The economic downturn will come about as a result of the housing crash.
How does one even react to such unbridled lunacy?

UPDATE: LGFer Desert Dog notes Mike Huckabee is rather popular over at FARS.

What does that tell you?

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