Friday, December 28, 2007

Selfish Humans Driving Out The Bison

Apparently the moonbats at the BBC want bison walking through your garden.
Almost 80% of the Earth's surface has experienced a sharp fall in the number of large mammals as a result of human activities, a study suggests.

By examining records dating back to AD1500, US researchers found that at least 35% of mammals over 20kg had seen their range cut by more than half.

My first reaction is, so what?

Well, try to keep a straight face when you read this:
In their paper, the scientists explained why large mammals were so important for maintaining the ecological equilibrium.

"Large carnivores frequently shape the number, distribution and behaviour of their prey," the researchers wrote.

"Large herbivores function as ecological engineers by changing the structure and species composition of surrounding vegetation.

"Furthermore, both sets of mammals profoundly influence the environment beyond direct species interactions, such as through [the food chain]."
Dear moonbat scientists. Try to get this through your heads. We have things like houses and streets and office buildings now. The living conditions for people are now a lot better than it was when panthers were chasing deer hither and yon.

It's a bit tough on the rose bushes to have a bison taking a snooze in them, and an elk or two on the expressway can really make the morning rush hour a drag.

Get it?

Plus, some larger animals such as deer and bear have tended to adapt and are quite plentiful in much of the U.S. So if you love the big animals so much, feel free to take a bison home and keep it in your own backyard, but stop telling the rest of us how to live.

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