Friday, December 21, 2007

When Did the French Become a Bunch of Prudes?

Geez, I was always led to believe the French were so enlightened about their sexuality and lascivious lifestyles.

What the hell happened? They're going to strip this lovely young lady (stop it, guys, I know what you're thinking) of her title for a couple of suggestive photos?
Valerie Begue has been told she should immediately take off her Miss France crown because of suggestive pictures published by a French magazine.

Ms Begue - who became Miss France less than a fortnight ago - refused to resign, saying she had been betrayed.

She had returned on Thursday to an enthusiastic welcome on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion.

Before the competition, contestants guarantee that they have never been photographed in compromising positions.

One of the pictures shows her licking yoghurt provocatively, while another has her floating on a wooden cross in a swimming pool.

The President of the Miss France contest, Genevieve de Fontenay, went on French radio to insist that Valerie Begue would have to stand down.

If she did not, Ms de Fontenay said she would be stripped of her crown.

"She is in Reunion. Well, let her stay there," she said.

She went on to say that if she had been aware of the pictures, Ms Begue "would never have been let into the Miss France competition".
C'mon, we had a Miss USA coking it up and whoring around and they let her keep the title.

For what it's worth, here's Genevieve de Fontenay. Maybe Ms. Begue wouldn't want to be seen with her.

UPDATE: OK, I found the following image via this link. Doesn't look like there's any yogurt involved, but perhaps this is a photo they say is suggestive. Well, I guess it's mildly provocative but nothing outrageous. If anyone locates anything more salacious, feel free to let me know.

UPDATE II: OK, LGFer jaunte got me pointed in the right direction. Lizards are so helpful. Here's the yogurt shot.

And the one on the cross.

What the hell, while we're here, we may as well toss in this one from the pageant of her looking insanely hot.

I think I dig her.

UPDATE III: Instapundit links. Thanks!

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