Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sarkozy in Afghanistan: Failure is 'Not an Option'

While many purported allies and Democrats are getting squishy over Afghanistan, French President Nicolas Sarkozy today announced France could likely increase its military presence there.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy said France could boost its presence in Afghanistan to help the Afghan army and police in a surprise visit to give French troops his Christmas greetings.

"The top contribution for the French troops is to help the training and building of an Afghan army, an Afghan police, to assist in the creation of an Afghan administration, an Afghan judiciary," Sarkozy said.

Taliban leader Mullah Omar on Tuesday called on foreign forces to withdraw from Afghanistan. Diplomats and the local military have called for a new strategy to fight the rebels.

"What is certain is that we have not wanted to give the signal of departure, that would have been a despicable signal at a time when one sees the ravages inflicted by terrorism in the world," Sarkozy said. France has 1,900 troops in Afghanistan.
He gets it.

More here.
"Here there is a war against terrorism, against fanaticism, that we cannot and must not lose," Mr Sarkozy told reporters after his talks with Mr Karzai.

"That is why it is important that we help with the emergence of an Afghan state that is legitimate, democratic and modern."

Mr Sarkozy told the US Congress in November that French soldiers would stay in Afghanistan "as long as needed" and that failure was "not an option".
Now, he can score even more points if he helps mediate a burgeoning domestic crisis back home.

We're counting on you, Sarko. Do the right thing.

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