Friday, December 28, 2007

Saudi Arabia detains another blogger

According to this story he was detained on the 10th of DEC and is still being held.
Saudi Arabian officials have reportedly detained a blogger whose writing has criticized religious extremism in the country, according to the two press freedom groups and a regional human-rights organization.
Blogger and IT professional Fouad Ahmed al-Farhan, 32, was taken into custody on December 10, the Committee to Protect Journalistsreported on Wednesday. His Arabic-language site now has a "Free Fouad" banner in English across the top.

Saudi Arabia is no friend of free speech, unless it comes from their creations like OBL.
Reporters Without Borders Thursday released a statement calling for al-Farhan's release; its current list of "13 Internet Enemies" includes Saudi Arabia.

Research into Internet content filtering by the OpenNet Initiative shows substantial blocking activity by the government of Saudi Arabia. The group says that filtering content for political reasons is the common denominator across the Middle East.

And in the meantime we have people in this country trying to force the Pentagon to embrace various Islamic groups of, shall we say questionable character.

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