Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Ramblings from Just A Grunt

Well it is that time of the year. A time to look back at the year slipping into posterity and a chance to look forward to the year ahead.

This last year for me, like a lot of folks was a mixed bag. It marked the passing of my mother, but a reunification of the remaining siblings. In looking at the 3 of us you would never guess we came from the same parents. My brother is active in the Masons and pretty much defines your image of the good 'ol southern boy. My sister is a punk rock/new age bass player in a rock band with ties to all things in the entertainment business. Me? I am the retired veteran of the Army now working in corporate America.

Three separate people all from common roots but who have made our own paths through life. All those years that I was globe trotting I was separated from them and once I got out and came home I hoped we would be the Norman Rockwell type of family. Alas that didn't happen, for whatever reasons. After the passing of my mother however we seem to be coming together. I certainly hope it continues to move forward.

This year was time when my wife thought she had beaten the specter of breast cancer only to have it show back up forcing her back into treatment. Through it all she was fantastic, and while the treatment was taking its' toll on her she never tolerated anybody fawning over her or trying to treat her any different then when she is 100% healthy.

The specter has been beaten back once again but it is always there in the background, lurking, waiting to strike again, but she refuses to allow it to control her life. Oh and honey, yes your hair is fine and it is long enough now so if you want to cut it or something feel free.

This was a year in which I really started to get into the deep end of the blogging pool. A sincere thanks goes to Jammie for giving me the opportunity and the push to get into it all the way rather then limiting myself to merely posting comments on other blogs. He has never directed or forbid me from posting anything, even at those times when some of my posts might have been less then stellar.

This year showed the greatness of this generation in regards to how the men and women of our Armed Forces handled the situation in Iraq, even though at times it looked like they faced more hostility at home then they did from the insurgents. It is my sincere hope that the fragile peace that is spreading continues and that Iraq truly evolves into a free and democratic country, even though it may not be a mirror image of America, it should be what serves their purposes.

This year that passed included one in which I would get outraged beyond belief at some of the actions of our citizens, mostly the Hollywood crowd who seem to live in some sort of alternate universe but on the other hand it was also a year in which I would be brought to tears by the humanity from other citizens shown to their fellow man.

The year ahead is shaping up to be one revolving around politics. Our country has turned this Presidential campaign into some sort of fantasy league sports game. I hope and pray that at the end we have elected somebody who is concerned about the country and not simply adding a feather to their hat with which to cap off their resume.

The year ahead will continue to be perilous from the enemies of all freedom loving people. They do not enter into debate with opponents they simply kill. The spread of Islamic fascism must be stopped and rolled back. I think it is the most serious challenge to our world and will probably continue to be so for another decade.

For the coming year I hope our country can shed some of this idea that it is all about image, whether they are talking about a person or a country. Nothing grates my nerves more then some entertainer talking about their figure or latest plastic surgery or folks that think the country must be well liked by all peoples of the world. Neither is going to work and just like plastic surgery, once you start down that path you can't stop it. Let's just settle for being respected whether you like us or not in both our person and our country.

For the coming year I hope it is one full of peace and hope even while it is one full of challenges. For as we have seen it is the challenges which bring out the best in man.

Well I guess I have rattled on enough. Let me close by saying I wish each and every person out there a year filled with fun, laughter, success and hope. May you attain your goals, so that you can set new ones to strive for.

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