Friday, December 21, 2007

My pen pal Rep David Scott (D-GA)

My representative in Congress is a one David Scott (D-GA) and at least I will say this for his office they do send me emails, but it is sort of apparent they don't read mine. Example: I received an email from his office some time ago where upon he was expressing disappointment over the fact that President Bush had vetoed the SCHIP bill that made it to his desk. My response?
Dear Mr Scott,
I support President Bush in his veto of this unnecessary and dramatic increase in the SCHIP program. There is no gap and the needs of those who need it the most are being met. The Democrats simply wanted to try and increase this program to cover people, not just children, who have the means to provide their own health insurance. Nobody in America is denied health care.
Thanks for letting me know you are not standing for common sense but instead give in to emotional arguments not grounded in facts.

I received this today. (This is just a portion of the entire message)
Thank you for contacting me regarding S. 2499, Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act. I appreciate you taking the time to share your views with me. The opinions and concerns of my fellow Georgians are an essential component of my decision making process as a Member of Congress.

I understand your views about S. 2499, Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act. Throughout my years in public service I have continued to support initiatives that seek to ensure quality healthcare programs and services for the constituents I serve. Even as Democratic Leadership worked tirelessly to provide a sound bill which would provide health care coverage for some ten million children, the bill we voted on today simply extends the program until March 2008 for the children who are currently already enrolled. The bill also provides additional funding for the states for the purpose of ensuring that no children currently enrolled are dropped from coverage. The House twice passed versions of the SCHIP, which the President proceeded to veto. This veto was the President's 7 th veto in 7 years. This is telling as two of these vetoes are simply hurting our nation's children by denying millions access to healthcare. The President is standing as an impediment between millions of children and the healthcare they need and deserve. Vetoing a bill which helps millions of America 's low-income children is unconscionable.

Uh sir excuse me. Am I to understand that the House just voted on a bill which does not provide for an expansion of the SCHIP program but rather maintains it the way it is? If you had done that the first time the president would not have vetoed it. Who are these millions of children you are talking about. It was determined during the process the last time this matter was up for debate that none of the people the Democrats chose to use as examples were being denied coverage under the current plan anyway. In fact your party had some trouble coming up with anybody who was affected by this program remaining the same. Oh sure you kept saying they were out there but they apparently are as elusive as a Democrat presidential candidate showing up to vote in the Senate on tough bills.

Oh yeah almost forgot he is also on the list of 22 most corrupt members of Congress. Most ethical congress evahhh!

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