Thursday, December 27, 2007

Getting on the Fred Thompson bus

At least for a little while.
I am having trouble getting the embedded code for his new ad to play correctly, so here is the link for his new ad.
UPDATE: Thanks to steveegg here is the YouTube version.

I feel more and more that Fred is the true conservative in this campaign next to Duncan Hunter, but alas Duncan couldn't get a mention in the press if he was seen on the arm of Paris Hilton. Fred is getting traction and he is serious.
I know most conservatives have soured on contributing to the RNC (Republican National Committee) since they have seemed to start backing candidates that do not seem to speak for what used to be considered conservatives. Well here is a chance to take that money and put it to good use. Give to Fred. It seems the media only responds to those who can raise money, why else would Ron Paul get an hour on Sunday talk show?
Go Fred.

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