Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hindus Attack Churches on Christmas

No honest. There was a clash between Hindus and Christians in India.
NEW DELHI (Map, News) - Hindu extremists attacked Christians celebrating Christmas in eastern India, ransacking and burning at least six village churches, officials said Wednesday. One person was killed in the violence.

Authorities in the remote district where the churches were attacked have deployed 450 police to quell the violence, which had tapered off by Wednesday, said Bahugrahi Mahapatra, a government official.
The Christians don't sound completely innocent according to this report.
"The situation was aggravated by some Christians forcibly stopping the 80-year-old Hindu leader Laxmanananda Saraswati and attempting to attack him," said Giriraj Kishore of the VHP.

"When they were prevented from attacking him by his followers the Christians hit someone with an ax and one Hindu died," he told reporters in New Delhi
Interesting law.
Orissa, in fact, is the only Indian state that has a law requiring people to obtain police permission before they change their religion, a move designed to counter missionary work.
I am sure that will give the lefties all the ammunition they need for another 6 months to act like good dhimmis and say see it ain't only Muslims!

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