Thursday, December 27, 2007

Reaction From Bhutto Assassination

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Since we've pretty much exhausted the earlier link on Benazir Bhutto's assassination, here's a new post detailing reaction via the Pakistani and world media.

From Pakistan, there's DAWN, Associated Press of Pakistan, News Now, Pak Tribune, Pakistan Times, and The Nation.

Elsewhere, there's widespread condemnation and outrage.

More here.

What's next?

More reaction from U.S. presidential candidates.

Investors react cautiously.

At least 14 are dead in the aftermath.

Bhutto aides cast blame.

Sharif party to boycott elections.

She was the daughter of tragedy.

Karachi on virtual lockdown; rioting there.

A victory for the Islamists.

An assassin strikes.

She lived in the eye of the storm.

Much more reaction from the blogosphere via Memorandum.

Is Mike Huckabee really this stupid?

Al Qaeda link likely.

Another Al Qaeda link.

'Almost certainly Al Qaeda'

Pakistan in turmoil.

More from LGF, with video.

Scrambling for a response.

Lawhawk notes this ominous warning from Austin Bay.

Noblesse Oblige has an update.

Presidential candidate reaction roundup. As noted in the comments, here's Crazy Uncle Ron's response.

More video.

Marketwatch snapshot.

She died in the city where her father was hanged.

A Bhutto interview scheduled for release in January.

We had the HuffPosters in our original link this morning (and they actually linked me--heh!), and now they're closing in on 2000 comments. Absolute moonbattery on steroids.
sparkey (See profile | I'm a fan of sparkey)
Sept.11 of 2001. Bush is out of Washington. Rice is out of Washington. Cheney is at an undisclosed location. 9-11 happens. Dec.27 of 2007. Bush is out of Washington. Rice is out of Washington. Cheney is at an undisclosed location. Bhutto is killed. Anything look familiar here?
Reply | posted 05:05 pm on 12/27/2007
Yes, your're still insane.

Silky P: I spoke to Musharraf. Via Hot Air, which also has Bhutto from the grave: Blame Musharraf.

The 'Stache
checks in.

Spiegel Online has more world reaction.

Times Online has the main suspects.

More trouble for Musharraf. No kidding. He casts his own finger of blame.

Amnesty International chimes in.

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