Sunday, December 23, 2007

The classiest Christmas message of the year

And of course it comes from Fred. Without a word he conveys a message of hope and recognizes those that deliver it around the world. Thanks Fred.

UPDATED: With more Fred news and commentary. This is from an article in The Weekly Standard.
My favorite portion from his speech in Waterloo, IA.

Much of the speech was the political equivalent of chum. On national security: "The best way out of the fight is to be stronger than your adversary." On the Democrats: "the left-wing, big government, high taxing, weak-on-national security Democratic party." On his Republican opponents: "You're not electing a set of plans, you're electing a leader."
(emphasis mine)
He is right. If you are looking for a manager vote for somebody else. Fred reminds me of the guy in the commercial standing in front of a bunch of coworkers, all involved in a project and as he goes around the table he asks each one things like "Can you continue to NOT live up to your resume? and Can you crumble under pressure? or Will you continue to waffle?
Leadership is what is needed. Not somebody who isn't a park of the pack, but somebody who can lead the pack. Too many politicians on both sides seem to want to stay in the pack but it takes courage and a certain amount of attitude to be the leader.

The best line from an Iowan.
"You can't trust what you get from the media," Scott said, as I furiously took notes. "So we researched it."

Maybe, just maybe there is still hope.

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