Thursday, December 27, 2007

Special Christmas Message From Roseanne Barr

Via Page Six, we found this lovely item from Roseanne Barr.
Happy birthday Jesus!

hope you like the gift we got you: war, hatred, christian inquisition, muslim holy war and jewish jihad, mass materialism, poisoning the planet, locking every one up and letting working class people go broke and move to tent cities, starvation, and more billionaires than ever, and the pope forgiving child molesters, and screwing their victims out of settlement money! Just what you wished for right? Great, we thought so!!! enjoy our gifts in good health!
Then there was this follow-up.
christmas wishes:

everyone on earth shuts the hell up for one full minute and clears out space/room for reality. When, and only when true reality is seen, faced and experienced will the human mind begin to invent and facilitate solutions, remedies, and reversal of the course of death we are on. (nemesis). If reality was truly seen, all churches, mosques, and temples (the veil) would disappear and The Goddess would become visible.
God is now making Itself seen.
It is creation Itself. Creation is an interconnected Being.
It is a silver thread shaped like a spiral, and we the biosphere that moves up and down it, like Jacob's ladder. It's "language" is RNA.
Sucks becoming irrelevant, I guess.

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