Friday, December 28, 2007

History Channel does Charlie Wilson

I am watching the "True Story of Charlie Wilson" on the History channel this morning.

Interesting show. The first funding for the muhjadeen in Afghanistan was authorized by Jimmy Carter in 1979. Charlie Wilson was a boozing, ladies man, congressman from Texas. His inspiration for increasing the funding for the muhjadeen came from watching a "60 Minutes" program where Dan Rather was reporting from Afghanistan while sitting in a hot tub with a bunch of women in Las Vegas. So see the real root of Osama Bin Laden and the funding of the muhjadeen lie with Carter, Rather and a Democrat representative.

Wilson went around normal funding procedures in the House and doubled the funding from $5 million to $10 million just by inserting it into the bill unchallenged.
Joanne Herring very anti communist socialite teams with Robin King to film Documentary in Afghanistan to convince congress for more funding.

Pakistan is base for Afghan resistance. Base of operations for the current day Taliban and hideout Phesawar is home to about 3 million Afghani's. This is the current base of operations for the Taliban and refuge of Al Queda.

Wilson went to Egypt to make a deal for the Soviet weapons they had so he used a gal named Carol Shannon to put on a belly dance for an Egyptian to get in to his good graces for the weapons. She is warned not to insult Islamic sensibilities in her routine but defies them and puts on a good ol belly dance complete with sword. Abu Gazalah releases the weapons to Wilson to give to the mujhadeen. She dressed in western attire, blue jeans and shirts which the muj on the one hand objected to but were also intrigued by. Their resistance to her dress was token. Hear that Nancy Pelosi. I keep saying women are our best weapon in this battle against Islamic extremism.

For those interested in not just the Hollywood version of who and what Charlie Wilson was about should watch the program. It is 2 hours in length but interesting in light of all the attention the movie has brought forward.

For those looking for the book here it is.

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