Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This Could Explain the Nutroots

I've long figured liberalism was a mental disorder. Now researchers have discovered tantrums may be a sure sign of it.

Considering the left has had one long tantrum since George W. Bush was elected, this may offer definitive proof.

Tantrums may signal mental illness: study
CHILDREN who throw long, aggressive or frequent tantrums may be doing more than just showing mum and dad who is boss. They may be displaying early signs of a psychiatric disorder, a study says.

Tantrums are common among young children and are often a sign of hunger, illness or overstimulation, says a study by Washington University in St Louis.

But children who hurt themselves or others while throwing tantrums or who cannot calm themselves down may be diagnosed with depression or disruptive disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or oppositional defiant disorder.
It may also explain the affinity young folks have for crackpots like Ron Paul and the rampant Trooferism, most notably on the left with their weirdo 9/11 conspiracies.

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