Friday, December 21, 2007

Mrs. Clinton Finds a GOP Voter

Wow, she's really cutting into our base, snagging herself a Citigroup banker to tells us how compassionate and informed she is.

Not only that, she gets to play the Katrina card again. What world-class genius we're dealing with here.

Clinton Campaigns With Family, GOP Voter
Clinton planned to tell New Hampshire voters how she reached across party lines and produced results—echoing television ads already on the air. She also dispatched supporters to vouch for her record and soften the sometimes harsh public caricature that has frustrated her campaign.

"This is a person who can reach common ground and never compromise her principles," New Yorker Jeff Volk said, telling the story of being stuck in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit and how Clinton helped him.

"I met one of the most caring, compassionate and informed people I have ever met in my entire life," said Volk, a Republican who has given the maximum of $2,300 to Clinton's campaign and $5,000 to Clinton's political action committee in 2007.

Clinton, standing at Volk's shoulder, said only through bipartisan work can "a sense of fear and fatalism coming from the White House" be erased.

"A lot of the problems that we face in America are not Democratic or Republican problems. They are American problems and I want us to start acting like Americans again," she said. "I want us to roll up our sleeves and solve our problems."
According to NewsMeat, however, Jeffrey A. Volk of Scarsdale, NY, has given $4,600 to Hillary Clinton for President in 2007, double the maximum, and $5000 to Hill Pac. He gave $2300 on January 26 and $400 on February 28.


If you look back at Volk's donations, the last amount given to anyone in the GOP was to George W. Bush in 2004.

Since then, beginning in 2005, he's given exclusively to Democrats, so clearly this fellow left the party some time ago.

Further, he donated three times in 2006 to the Working Families Party, a radical far-left group, praised here by CPUSA.
The newly emerging Working Families Party and its fusion strategy, which negates the issue of spoiler, deserves special attention. The Working Families Party in New York is building a beautiful working class multi-racial base. In New York their local campaigns are being carried out in the context of defeating Bush, and also electing a long-time progressive, Frank Barbaro to Congress in a district that has been represented by a Republican. The efforts of the Working Families Party to expand into more states deserve full support.
Since the media will portray Mrs. Clinton as reaching out to the purported GOP voters, will they at least check who that voter has been donating to?

Ironically enough, Volk has a video here.

Die-hard Bush supporter to virtual Clinton bagman overnight.

Some Republican.

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