Tuesday, December 25, 2007

No Holiday for Savages

Designed for maximum impact and a media eager to report grim news, a pair of Muslim savages detonated in Iraq today, killing at least 33 people.
Two suicide bombings targeting U.S.-backed neighborhood patrols on Tuesday killed 33 people, highlighting the volatile situation north of Baghdad, where the U.S. military says al Qaeda gunmen are regrouping.

In the city of Baiji, Salahuddin province, a suicide bomber driving a vehicle rigged with explosives blew up at a checkpoint near a residential complex.

Iraqi army Major Shamil Mohammed and a senior provincial police official said 23 people were killed and 77 others wounded. The U.S. military and Interior Ministry in Baghdad earlier put the death toll at 20.

In the province of Diyala north of Baghdad, a suicide bomber wearing a vest packed with explosives struck a funeral in the city of Baquba, killing 10 people and wounding five, the U.S. military said. Iraqi police said the blast wounded 21 people and said all casualties were members of the neighborhood patrols.
Women and children were among those killed, according to the BBC.

Brimming with Christmas cheer, the illiterate ghouls at the Huffington Post weigh in.
So let's take our great American culture and our great values, and let's take our Jesus Christ, and roll them all up into a cylindrical shape, and let's stuff the cylinder up our collective ass.

Merry Christmas.

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Frat. Boy George hides them in the shadows because he does not want you to see the faces of the dead, nor will you ever see flag-drapped coffins of our heros, brave, young Patriot soldiers being flown back to our soil, under the cover of darkness. Yes, see the death and destruction, caused by George's Folly? A pre-emtive, vanity war, based on a filthy pack of lies. Lies formulated by the most corrupt, thieving, lying Adminstration in the history of our country. Shed tears because your "president" sheds none.
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HumeSkeptic (See profile | I'm a fan of HumeSkeptic)

Merry Christmas to the 34 dead.
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nancytheragingliberal (See profile | I'm a fan of nancytheragingliberal)
George the Vampire seeks blood and more blood. The dems will continue to allow the Vampire to feed, feed, and feed. The Middle-East is a caldron, just the way the Vampire loves it. But wait, the Vampire is plotting more death, blood, and mayhem, which is just the around the corner.....Iran. Down with Iran, says the petulant, Vampire, dictator boy. All in the name of Halliburton, KBR, Blackwater. Hail! War and endless war for thousands of lifetimes. W. is smiling, and Sure-Shot Dick is counting his billions, as his ticker grows faint.
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serialcoma (See profile | I'm a fan of serialcoma)
This is the part in which bush snuggles with Barney in front of the White House fireplace, sips his gin and eats sugar cookies while telling himself he is not an insane mass murder who has nearly destroyed our country and the world ... then, if there is any justice in the world, Jesus will appear and smite the smirking bastard.

george bush is a threat to everyone and everything.
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LorettaSingbiel (See profile | I'm a fan of LorettaSingbiel)
"bush snuggles with Barney in front of the White House fireplace, sips his gin and eats sugar cookies"

Someone should hand him a few pretzels to choke on!

Stay safe, healthy and happy,
Love, Loretta

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