Monday, December 31, 2007

Press TV Hearts Ron Paul

I wonder how much the mullahs are donating to the crackpot?

Get a load of this drivel.
Kent Snyder, Paul's campaign chairman described the progress they had made in 11 months as phenomenal and added that 'the dedication, creativity, generosity, and just plain hard work by you and tens of thousands of other Americans have already made history'.

"But we are not finished making history! First, Ron Paul becomes the Republican nominee. Second, Dr. Paul becomes President Paul. Third, our country becomes America again," Snyder continued.

Paul's campaign ended up raising nearly 19 million dollars in the fourth quarter after setting a goal of 12 million.

The libertarian-leaning Texan's success has led to an increase in attacks from paid propagandists.

Fox News excluded Paul's campaign from its upcoming debate scheduled for January 6, just two days before the New Hampshire primary.

Paul who has been running a multi state campaign for months is likely to win the GOP nomination if he succeeds in the New Hampshire primary.
This loon is very popular at Press TV, garnering top of the page coverage.

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