Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Obama Pimpslaps Pantsuit

Wait a second, I can still use the word pimp, right?

I guess considering who the vanquished is, bitchslap would also suffice.

Whatever the case, it's a humiliating night for Mrs. Clinton.

I wonder how long it will be until she weeps?
Sen. Barack Obama scored a convincing victory over Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in Virginia's Democratic presidential primary, the first of three states to be decided in today's Potomac Primary. Polls closed at 8 p.m. Eastern time in the District of Columbia while inclement weather forced Maryland election officials to keep their polling places open 90 minutes later than expected.

Obama's win in Virginia brought to six the number of consecutive primary and caucus victories for the Illinois senator since the Feb 5 Super Tuesday voting.

Polling conducted in the days leading up to today's vote showed Obama with a double-digit lead over Clinton in Maryland, and many within the New York senator's political operation conceded in recent days that the state would be very difficult for her to win. The District's considerable black population -- six in ten residents are African-American, according to the 2000 Census -- seemed likely to make it a virtual walk-over for Obama.

Virginia was the state in which Clinton, reeling from a staff shakeup and a series of defeats in primaries and caucuses last weekend, had hoped to perform beyond modest expectations.

With nearly two-thirds of all precincts reporting in Virgina, Obama led Clinton, 62 percent to 37 percent.

According to exit polling, Obama scored a resounding, across-the-board triumph in Virginia even among demographic groups that have favored Clinton before. Obama won women by double digits. Among Latino voters, who make up five percent of the electorate in the commonwealth, Obama held a 10-point margin.

As expected, Obama racked up huge numbers among black voters in Virginia, who accounted for 30 percent of the Democratic ballots cast, and Obama's share was close to 90 percent. He also fought Clinton to a draw among white voters, according to preliminary exit polls.
In a bid for party unity, Mrs. Clinton should now gracefully bow out and concede defeat.

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