Friday, February 15, 2008

Unconscionable Horror: U.S. Soldiers Blindfold Prisoners in Iraq, NY Times Editorial Board Wets Themselves

I had to read this crap through a couple of times to make sure it wasn't satire.

Are these people really so stupid they can't understand that maybe such methods of detention are in place to ensure the safety of our soldiers?

Nice snide headline to boot: What Did You Do In The War Daddy?
Five years after the United States invaded Iraq, four years after the horrors of Abu Ghraib muddied this nation’s image in the eyes of the world, the article in Thursday’s Times that accompanied this photograph reported that American soldiers are once again being flooded with detainees as a result of President Bush’s troop surge.
Again with the horrors of Abu Ghraib. Good grief, people, get over it.

And what's the deal with President Bush’s troop surge. What, did he just unilaterally send more troops over on a whim without any consultation? Goodness, you'd get better journalism from a grade-schooler.
What, exactly, did these men do to justify blindfolding them and forcing them to their knees on a concrete floor, their heads pressed against the wall? In the United States, kidnappers, rapists, and mass murderers are not treated this way. Timothy McVeigh was not treated this way.
Hello? Have these morons even seen an episode of Cops? I've seen people treated worse at traffic stops, for crying out loud. Oh, and in case these pinheads forgot, Timothy McVeigh was executed. These guys look very much alive.

Maybe, just maybe, these are bad guys who are being arrested for a reason.
This war is easy to ignore because it’s far away, there’s no draft, and much of the news media has lost interest in it. But here’s a powerful reminder of the price this country is paying for Mr. Bush’s arrogance and incompetence.
Of course the media has lost interest. Because we're winning, no thanks to the enemies of freedom like the New York Times editorial board.

Just because you proclaim Bush arrogant and incompetent doesn't make it so. Speaking of arrogance and incompetence, who were the idiots who put an antiwar activist on the front page of your paper and claimed to be unaware of his background? Hmm?
Blindfolding prisoners is considered abusive in most of the civilized world because its purpose is to make the prisoner fear for his life. It appears, though, to be routine practice for American soldiers in Iraq.
Sure, it's abusive, and clearly worse than, say, burning prisoners alive.

Have we no shame?

Update: Get a load of this comment.
It is as if the whole of America, save a few, is walking around with blindfolds on.

Not since Nazi Germany has the public been so complicit in abhorrent state-sponsored atrocities, and kept their collective voice silent.

America deserves its current low standing around the world, and there will be far less sympathy from the rest of the world at the next attack that may hit America.

You create new enemies on a daily basis.

The shame that the nation bears is large.

We all hope that change will perhaps come with the next government, clearly it won’t come under Bush.

— Posted by We are filled with disgust.
Blindfolding prisoners = Nazi atrocities. Why didn't I see that equivalence?

By the way, this wasn't the only gem these morons came up with today, either.

Update II
: I have a question for the pinheads at the Times.

Is blindfolding prisoners worse than this?

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