Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Barry O Throws MSM (and Teleprompter) Under The Bus

According to this AP article, Barry O, the President in Training Pants is going to be taking questions submitted via the web on Thursday. I guess all those teleprompter gaffes and a media that seems to be turning are just too much for him.

I am not foolish enough to think that he will field any questions from conservatives. He will no doubt pick and choose and, of course, questions submitted from Huffington Post and Firedoglake-type progressives will get priority, but it might be entertaining to see how he does and what he chooses to answers.

The poor teleprompter-in-chief has got to be feeling a little blue. At last night's fiasco, er, press briefing, Barry O used a big screen TV rather then a teleprompter.

You know what is so fun with this guy? He is so easy to manipulate using kidding. He is so self-conscious and wants everything about him to be so perfect that it is so easy to get into his psyche and bruise his ego. While it is fun to watch, it is not what you want from somebody sitting in the big boy chair in the Oval Office. Other world leaders see how this guy acts, many of them have already been insulted by this administration, and they too will use this personality flaw to further manipulate him.

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