Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ready for More Feigned Outrage? AIG Actually Paid $218 Million in Bonuses

That figure is now $53 million more than originally reported. The Democrats ought to be able to milk a few more days of rage out of this now.
NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Connecticut's attorney general says documents turned over to his office by American International Group Inc. shows the company paid out $218 million in bonuses, higher than the $165 million previously disclosed.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's office received the documents late Friday after issuing a subpoena.

Blumenthal says the documents show that 73 people received at least $1 million apiece, and five of those got bonuses of more than $4 million. The financially ailing insurance giant has been under fire for giving bonuses after receiving more than $182.5 billion in federal bailout money.

AIG spokesman Mark Herr declined to comment Saturday.
Yeah, he's probably in hiding now that the bus tours of AIG homeowners is under way.

Meanwhile, in a comic turn of events, one of the architects of this fiasco is now playing the victim. Poor thing.
On-the-ropes Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd swung back at his critics yesterday, claiming he was misled over the hefty taxpayer-funded bonuses for AIG executives.

Dodd made the comments amid fury over the $165 million in bonuses the troubled insurer gave executives.

"No one's angrier than I am to watch something I thought was worthwhile, that I put in the bill," altered in a way that led to the AIG bonuses, Dodd said.

He said he was wrongly held up as the sole person responsible.

"Now everyone's getting religion on the issue," said Dodd.
I'm praying the voters give him the boot next year.

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