Saturday, March 21, 2009

NYT Hack With Really Bad Teeth Still Suffering From Raging BDS

Memo to the very unfunny Gail Collins: George W. Bush is no longer president. A TelePrompter is.

Move on already.

Collins apparently has a problem with Bush opening a presidential library and how much money is going toward its construction. We still have no idea who paid for Clinton's double-wide in Little Rock. Seems Collins doesn't care about that.

Must be a very slow news weeks at the failing New York Times.
So let’s contemplate that library, which is more properly called the George W. Bush Presidential Center. A nonprofit foundation is trying to raise $300 million in tax-deductible donations for a huge complex on 25 acres at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Groundbreaking is scheduled for this fall.

Feeling a little irked? Excellent.
No, I'm not the slightest bit irked. Actually, come to think of it, I am. I had to look at that woman's hideous photo.

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