Monday, March 30, 2009

Website Shows Arafish's Bedroom: 'It Was His Lifestyle'

Nice propaganda piece from the AP.
Yasser Arafat's official Web site posted pictures Monday that it said showed the late Palestinian leader's modest bedroom, offering a glimpse into the way he lived under Israeli siege during the final two years of his life.

The spartan room included a single bed, a lamp and a narrow closet containing Arafat's iconic wardrobe: five military-style suits and four checkered black-and-white Palestinian scarfs.

Arafat lived under siege for two years at his West Bank compound, after Israel accused him of being behind a wave of suicide bombings. He died in a French hospital in November 2004. Arafat is buried in the same compound and the bedroom will be incorporated into a museum documenting his life.

The bedroom contained no windows and could only be accessed through a guard's room, precautions against possible assassination. The sparse guards' room had three bunk beds for his protectors with helmets strewn on the beds alongside gas masks.

Aside from the small bed and blanket, Arafat's room had a worn-out patch of carpet, a drawing said to be by his daughter, Zahwa, a television set and video player and a prayer mat resting upon a chair. The room had three books — including the Muslim holy book, the Quran.
Thankfully no photos were shown of the penis that infected him with AIDS.

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