Friday, March 20, 2009

'You Talk Like a White Girl'

America's newest supermodel regales the children. While her idiot husband was yukking it up with Jay Leno and making jokes about the Special Olympics, Mrs. Biceps was whooping it up with some celebrities.
First Lady Michelle Obama visited a high school here Thursday, talking about her start in life on Chicago's South Side--never stepped foot at the University of Chicago because it "had nothing" to do with her-- and how she was told "you talk like a white girl" while growing up.

Mrs. Obama's visit was one of several her office coordinated on Thursday--drawing in female role models, including some celebrities-- as part of her National Women's History Month outreach to girls, to her new city, and her drive to make the White House more accessible.

Surprising 13 students at Southeast Washington's Anacostia High School,

She told them it's National Women's History Month, her background, her upbringing on the South Side of Chicago, working class family. She said she lived near the University of Chicago, but never set foot inside when she was growing up. "It was a fancy college, it had nothing to do with me."

Other high-profile women were dispatche to similiar events at other schools in the district and its Maryland and Virginia suburbs, incuding, Sheryl Crow, Dominique Dawes, Alicia Keys, Debbie Allen, Penny Pritzker and Maggie Daley, wife of Chicago Mayor Daley.

The students were very interested in Mrs. Obama's life and lifestyle.

A student asked her who does her makeup. She said, "I do my own makeup," except for special occasions, according to the pool report.

The pool report continued, "She was asked about her clothes. She made a kind of "what, this old thing?" gesture. "This is just a little jacket and pants," she said. Of course, she looked fabulous. She was dressed in a black ensemble - black jacket, with skinny black belt, big black flower up to one side. Black skinny pants. Black patent flats. Hair down."

".......She told the kids, don't worry about what your friends say, or teachers who don't think you can do something. "Work hard, do your best."

She said: "I wanted an A, I wanted to be the person who had the right answers. People said, you talk like a white girl - I don't know what that means."

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