Monday, March 23, 2009

Name That Party! NY State Senator Hit With Felony Assault Charges

You would figure somewhere in this 11-paragraph story they'd find room to identify the party he belongs to. Apparently for CBS2 the fact he's a Democrat isn't relevant.
New York state Sen. Hiram Monserrate was indicted Monday morning on a felony assault charge in Queens after allegedly attacking his girlfriend during an argument, CBS 2 has confirmed.

Monserrate, a former New York City councilman who was sworn into office as Senator in January despite the looming charge, will be arraigned later this week.

Monserrate was charged with assault and weapon possession after Karla Giraldo's face was slashed on Dec. 19 at his Queens home. Both Monserrate and Giraldo say the incident was an accident -- Monserrate told police that he tripped while holding a glass of water and that the glass accidentally hit her. The Queens district attorney's office said the case is pending.

But authorities say evidence, including surveillance videos, paints a more violent picture of a heated argument and a frightened, bleeding woman in distress. Investigators say Monserrate purposely smashed her face with broken glass in an apparent jealous rage.

The videos come from several cameras in the apartment building. The first shows the two arguing and Monserrate throwing a policeman's union card down a garbage chute, according to a law enforcement official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.
ABC7 doesn't find his part affiliation newsworthy either. To their credit, the New York Times identifies his party.

As the NY Post notes, Democrats thought so little of this brutal assault they rewarded this monster with a chairmanship.
Meanwhile, Monserrate was sworn in to office in January, part of an influx of new lawmakers who helped Democrats gain control of the Senate for the first time in four decades. He was also appointed chairman of the Consumer Protection Committee. Some lawmakers (read: Republicans) and women's groups criticized the decision to seat the freshman Democrat, saying he should not be sworn in until the criminal case was resolved.

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